Tried so hard  to be what you needed. Or maybe I didn't try my best ? What if I'm never good enough for everyone ? I know I cry a lot, and for many things. But this kind of thing is so distracting. I can't even breathe. MUHD SHAHRIL BIN DIN. I apologize in advance for the way I hurt you. I am sorry for the way I speak. I am sorry from the beginning to presume that you want anything to do with me at all.

Forgive me. I think too much. I dream a lot. I'm not a good girlfriend. You're one in a million. I'm so lucky to have you. To have such a silly girlfriend like me, it's gonna be nothing. Sorry for not being able to make you happy  :'( Tears dropping. Sad, not because of you. Because of me.  I know I'm the trouble maker. I'm suck.  Just look at today. What have I done. The worst thing for today is I made you sad. I hate myself.  Who deserves such a spoilt brat like me. I hate myself.

Whenever I feel empty. You fill me up. Whenever I feel sad. You make me smile. Whenever I feel down. You let me know there's always YOU, preparing to bring me up again. I feel so helpless. Reckless. Useless. Lifeless. I thought of this like thousand times and still, I couldn't help it. I couldn't help myself. My imperfections are killing me. I keep shouting at the mirror, pointing at my own self. How bad could it be. Feeling suck without finding way to be okay again. Like all over again.

Layakkah Nur Hazira, si perempuan yang selalu buat salah,
yang selalu buat Muhd Shahril marah, yang selalu cari pasal,
yang susah nak mintak maaf, yang selalu panjangkan cerita.


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